Shuffleboard Speed Powder #3 (Medium-Fast), 16oz. - 6 cans

Speed powder (also called wax, cheese, etc) allows the pucks to slide effortlessly across the playing top. After a lot of testing, we recommend the #3 speed powder for our 12 foot shuffleboard table. Sprinkle the powder on the playing top and slide a number of pucks to get the feel for the speed. After a few pucks or games, you will be dialed into how fast the puck moves.


Warning: Sun-Glo speed powder can contain nuts or nut products. If you have a nut allergy, please buy a different manufacturer's powder that does not contain nuts. Currently, Shuffle Games does not offer a speed powder without nuts/nut products. 


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Shuffleboard Powder - 6 cans

SKU: SG-AlleyWax03-6