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  • What is Target Shuffleboard?
    We loved playing traditional shuffleboard but thought it could be improved to bring out another level of competition & game play. Then it hit us - target shuffleboard! Let's design a new shuffleboard game that would move where "targets" are placed around the playing top surface, making each set of 8 pucks something a little different. Shuffle Golf was born. We not only added 9 golf holes to shoot at but also added some targets that you want to avoid - water hazards & sand traps. A player is not only rewarded for a good shot but could be penalized for a shot ending up on one of the hazards. Our new, future games will all have this "target shuffleboard" concept incorporated into the graphics and game play rules. We're confident that you'll love shooting at targets in our games and at the same time trying to knock your partner's pucks into a hazard, or even out of bounds. Play our shuffle games once and you'll be hooked!
  • Does the #3 speed powder you carry contain nuts?
    Yes, Sun-Glo speed powder can contain nuts or nut products. If you have a nut allergy, please buy a different manufacturer's powder that does not contain nuts. Currently, Shuffle Games does not offer a speed powder without nuts/nut products.
  • How do you play Shuffle Golf?
    Playing has similarities and differences (we call it uniqueness!) with traditional shuffleboard. Traditional Shuffleboard is played on both ends of the table with 2-4 players playing at once alternating their shots. In Shuffle Golf, play is only on one end of the table and is typically played by 2 people who alternate their shots. Two people play head-to-head on a 9-hole course complete with fairways, sand traps and water hazards. Slide pucks trying to get par or birdie or eagle – and if you’re unlucky, you might end up with bogey or double bogey. There are Par 3’s, 4’s & 5’s all with varying degrees of difficulty. Play starts with "shots" towards Hole #1, then proceeding to Hole #2, then #3, and so on and ends after all "shots" at Hole #9. How do you score in Shuffle Golf? After all 8 pucks have been shot to the given hole that’s being played, each player’s closest puck to the hole is scored – all other pucks are not scored. And, the puck closest to the hole gets an additional benefit – a par at worst even if its touching one of the hazards (water or sand). Additional scoring for the closest pucks: If a puck is completely within the white of the hole, that’s an eagle – 2 under par! The puck touches part of the hole – a birdie, 1 under par On the green of the fairway – par Touching the water or a sand trap – a bogey, 1 over par If after all 8 pucks have been played, a player does not have any of their 4 pucks on the board, they are out of bounds – a double bogey, 2 over par When updating the scorecard, use the easiest notation of each player’s score. A “0” for par, -1 for a birdie, -2 for an eagle, +1 for a bogey and +2 for a double bogey. After all 9 holes have been played & scored, its easy peasy to add up the totals! Click this Link to view a video on how to play.
  • I see that you only offer a 12 foot table. Do you have longer shuffleboard tables?
    Right now, 12 footers are all that we make and sell. Down the road longer tables could be possible.
  • What’s included when I buy a table?
    The accessories include a set of 8 pucks (4 red, 4 blue) with our SG logo a can of #3 speed powder 72 heavy paper scorecards 36 mini SG pencils a dry erase scoreboard a dry erase markers a dry erase eraser an undercabinet mounted drawer designed to hold all the accessories
  • What are the playing tops made from?
    We chose to use reclaimed bowling alley lanes that were originally made with heart pine wood. This type of wood is harder than the softer pine we all know and “love”. The bowling lane section is first cut to width and then trimmed out in select pine on the 4 sides to give the top a nice, finished look.
  • What’s the best way to maintain the playing top?
    Where possible, Shuffle Games uses Sun-Glo products. We offer their silicon spray and their maintenance kit. Their recommendation (and we follow this with our playing tops) is weekly “quick” maintenance and every 4-6 weeks for “full” maintenance. Weekly “quick” maintenance: use a board sweep or a soft cloth to remove all the speed powder currently on the top. We gather it, put it back into the can of speed powder and reuse it. spray on a coat of shuffleboard silicone spray; buff the silicone with a soft, cotton rag or towel; lastly sprinkle another coat of the speed powder. Don’t apply a heavy coat of the powder – its best for an even application for game play enjoyment. Too heavy runs the risk of the pucks plowing through the powder instead of smoothly gliding on the surface of the powder. 4-6 week “full” maintenance: use a board sweep or a soft cloth to remove all the speed powder currently on the top. We gather it, put it back into the can of speed powder and reuse it. Now use each of the products in Sun-Glo’s Shuffleboard Maintenance Kit following their step-by-step instructions. Essentially, use the Spray Cleaner to remove dirt, grime and build-up. Next, use the Master Glaze then the Paste Wax and finally the spray silicone. You are now again ready to slide pucks and enjoy life!
  • What about the speed dust that’s accumulated in the gutters?
    Because of the design of our Shuffle Golf table and the Astroturf, you will not see the build-up as quickly as with other traditional shuffleboard games. When you start to see the accumulation, we recommend vacuuming the gutters as you deem necessary.
  • The pucks are starting to “plow” through the speed powder. What do I do?
    When this happens, use a board sweep or a soft cloth to remove all the speed powder currently on the top. We gather it, put it back into the can of speed powder and reuse it. Now apply another sprinkle of powder on the playing top and you’re good to go!
  • Does Shuffle Games ship my table for free?
    Shipping and setup is included in the price of the table for local delivery (within 100 miles of Geneva, IL). For non-local, we use a drop shipper and there is an additional charge dependent on shipper's variable pricing. The table will be delivered curbside and you will need help on your side to get the packaged table off the truck. Power liftgate service is sometimes possible and has an additional charge.
  • When will my full-sized shuffleboard table be shipped and delivered?
    Our tables and playing tops are custom made at the time they’re purchased. As such, please contact us at or (630) 640-2230 for an estimate of delivery date upon completed order. Shipping times can vary and the freight companies will give us an estimated delivery date or window. We will give you a tracking number to allow you to monitor its progress to your destination. Remember to please have extra bodies/hands to help you unload it from the truck and carry it into the location you’ve already selected.
  • I bought a shuffleboard sweep on your site. When will that be shipped and delivered?
    Your game supplies purchase will leave us in 5-7 business days. We primarily ship via USPS when possible and will send along their tracking number so you can monitor is progress.
  • What should I be aware of when ordering my shuffleboard table and when its delivered?
    Shuffle Games currently only offer 12 foot shuffleboard games. As such, where you plan to assemble the table and play it is crucial. If you want it downstairs in your basement, will you be able to get the 12 foot table and the separate 11 foot 6 inch playing top down the staircase? If not, we might not be the right shuffleboard game for you at this time. If you have a walk-out basement or the table will be on your first floor, our shuffleboard table is perfect for you!
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