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Shuffle Football

Two people play head-to-head on a football field. Each player will alternate between offense and defense. There are markers for the offense to move the ball and markers for the defense to stop the ball or cause a turnover. The offense will "stay on the field" with another set of downs (another round of pucks) if they can make a minimum of a net 10 yards. Although the offense can score a touchdown, the defense can intercept and go the other way for a TD. Playing with a helmet is totally optional.

Shuffle Football
Shuffle Football
Shuffle Football

All Shuffle Football tabletop games are handmade and have these features and items(except Basic version):

  • Solid wood cabinet – 48” long by 15” wide by 2 ½” high​

  • Adjustable feet used to level the playing top – level included

  • Playing top has a full overlay vinyl decal showing our Shuffle Football graphic layout with options for other games on the reverse side

  • Gutters covered in heavy green felt

  • One set of shuffleboard mini pucks (4 blue, 4 red) 

  • Dry erase scorecards & dry erase markers used during game play

  • Football specific hardware (Goal Posts, 1st Down Marker and Line of Scrimmage Marker)

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