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Shuffle Poker

You love playing poker but can't afford all those trips to Las Vegas. Shuffle Poker is the perfect option. It's played just like real poker - two cards dealt face down and slide 3 pucks to try to get the best 5-card hand. There are chips for betting at each step. Will you bluff or do you show your best poker face, or do you fold? Don't get too complacent as your opponent is trying to better their hand AND possibly knocking your pucks off the playing surface. You'll need luck and some strategy all with some shuffleboard skills sprinkled in.

Poker chips, cards, pucks
Shuffle Poker
Shuffle Poker

All Shuffle Poker tabletop games are handmade and have these features and items(except Basic version):

  • Solid wood cabinet – 48” long by 15” wide by 2 ½” high​

  • Adjustable feet used to level the playing top – level included

  • Playing top has a full overlay vinyl decal showing our Shuffle Poker graphic layout with options for other games on the reverse side

  • Gutters covered in heavy green felt

  • One set of shuffleboard mini pucks (4 blue, 4 red) 

  • Playing Cards

  • Chips

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