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Shuffle Racing

This brand new game doesn't use pucks. Say What?!?!?! Well, this is our first Shuffle Games game that is a board game. We developed this last year for a customer and we loved it so much, we added it to our game family!


The game is played with a set of 3 micro NASCAR cars and a set of Dice (1 White, 1 Blue & 1 Multi-color/8-sided). The game play is just like car racing - there's good things that can happen during a race and bad things. There's even a pit stop to refuel and/or repair your car.  


You can see from the game graphic to the left, there's a Start & Finish line, 3 lanes around the track, pit row and lane segments that have odd looking symbols. Those symbols are red, yellow & green colored that will determine what happens when you land on them.


Playing with a helmet is totally optional. Racers, start your engines!


All Shuffle Racing tabletop games are handmade and have these features and items(except Basic version):

  • Solid wood cabinet – 48” long by 15” wide by 2 ½” high​

  • Adjustable feet used to level the playing top – level included

  • Playing top has a full overlay vinyl decal showing our Shuffle Racing graphic layout with options for other games on the reverse side

  • Gutters covered in heavy green felt

  • One set of 3 micro NASCAR cars, one set of dice (1 White, 1 Blue & 1 Multi-color/8-sided)

  • This game has an additional $30 charge for the cars & dice

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