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Shuffle Fishing Rules

Choose Color and Order

Choosing a color isn’t critical, but provides a way to determine scoring during game play.  The “shooting” order can be done via coin flip or slide a single puck closest to a given target or closest puck to the end of the table or whatever method you’d like.  Once the order is selected, each player takes a turn sliding their colored puck.  Unlike the traditional game, play is only from one side of the table (the side with the logo).


Slide Pucks

Pucks are slid from the end of the table and cannot be slid from the side of the table.  Throwing pucks is considered highly inappropriate. 


The Play

  • Only the puck closest to the fishing hole scores.

  • Closest to hole – score lesser weight.

  • Touching weight – score that weight.

  • Touching both weights – score lesser weight.

  • Puck completely inside hole – score both weights.

  • Puck touching tree – player lost their lure and a fish can’t be caught in this round. This only applies if a player’s puck is NOT touching the current hole in play! Ex, playing hole 3 and touching the tree right next to the hole.


  • No pucks of one color on board – player is OOB and loses their turn in the next round.


  • After all 6 fishing holes have been completed, each player individually slides puck to try to catch the lunker. To score, the puck must be in the hole hanging over the back edge. Remove 1st player’s puck before 2nd player tries.

    • All players catching the lunker, may have their name added to the Fishing Hall of Fame on the Shuffle Games website.


  • Largest total weight wins.

    • If tied, play sudden death

      • Starting with fishing hole #1, one player shoots one puck. If they touch or score a weight, that’s the weight the 2nd player has to tie or beat. If the 1st player does not score a weight, they get a zero.

      • The 1st player’s puck is removed from the board and the 2nd player slides one puck. If one of the players has a higher weight total, they win. If they’re tied, move on to the 2nd fishing hole and continue play until a winner is determined.

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