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Shuffle Floor/Deck Rules

The Play ​​

  • The Players (or teams of two players, one at each end) take turns sliding pucks to score points. Flip a coin to decide who plays Red and who plays Blue; Red starts the first two rounds and then Blue takes the next two rounds and so on. Each round consists of sliding 4 pucks each, alternately. Each puck must be slid prior to the 10 point triangle. If a puck does not reach the furthest “dead line” (see diagram below), it is immediately removed from play. Touching the “dead line” stays in play.


  • Players aim is to push their own pucks into the scoring areas or strategically advantageous positions while also attempting to knock opponent’s pucks out of play or into the 10-off area.


  • Scoring occurs once all eight pucks have been played to complete a round.

    • Only puck(s) completely in the scoring area (7, 8, 10, & 10-off) are scored.

    • Any puck touching any line in the scoring area or outside edge of the scoring area is not scored.

    • 10 points deducted for any pucks in the 10-off area.

    • Points are 7, 8, 10 or -10 (10-off).


  • The game is won by the first person to reach 75 points although this cannot be achieved during a game - all eight pucks of the final game must be played and the scores calculated before a player can claim victory.

Floor SB Layout.png
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