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We loved playing traditional shuffleboard but thought it could be improved to bring out another level of competition & game play. Then it hit us - target shuffleboard! Let's design a new shuffleboard game that would move where "targets" are placed around the playing top surface, making each set of 8 pucks something a little different. Shuffle Golf was born.


We not only added 9 golf holes to shoot at but also added some targets that you want to avoid - water hazards & sand traps. A player is not only rewarded for a good shot but could be penalized for a shot ending up on one of the hazards. 


Our new, future games will all have this "target shuffleboard" concept incorporated into the graphics and game play rules. 


We're confident that you'll love shooting for at targets in our games and at the same time trying to knock your partner's pucks into a hazard, or even out of bounds. Play our shuffle games once and you'll be hooked!

Target Shuffleboard

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