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Uncrating Instructions for 1 Piece Cabinet

Congratulations on purchasing our Shuffle Golf Game. We hand craft each and every game from the finest materials for many years of enjoyment.


Before accepting and signing for the shipping crate, examine it carefully for any damage. Take photos and note any crate damage on the Bill of Lading sheet they want you to sign.


The shipping company is responsible for dropping the crate containing your new Shuffle Golf game to your loading dock. It is your responsibility to move it from there.

The shipping crate is very heavy (about 575 lbs.).


Please plan on having at least four people (recommending six people) to help you move the crate to a safe place before you move it into your home.

Tools needed:

  • Power drill (2 recommended with 2 battery packs each)

  • #2 Phillips and #2 Square bits

  • 2 Sawhorses

  • Soft blankets

The following instructions will help you with moving the shipping crate:

  1. There are a couple of ways to move the shipping crate. We have provided some nylon carry straps at the corners and in the middle of the crate. If you choose this method, please use six people to carry the crate. Please be very careful not to drop the crate or injure yourselves.

  2. The preferred method however is to use furniture moving dollies. Use at least two, but preferably three. Have two people lift the crate at one end using the lifting straps provided, another person can place the dolly under the crate. Now move to the other end and repeat the process. Please be careful as the crate may roll when you lift at the second end. Now, simply roll the crate to your location for unpacking. Reverse the procedure to remove the dollies before you start the uncrating steps below.

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