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Regional Referral Expert Page

Welcome to the Shuffle Games team!


So, you’ve expressed an interest in becoming a regional referral expert.


Job aides below are step-by-step instruction packets you need to get up & running.

The job aides will cover Facebook Marketplace ads, Craigslist ads and referring potential local customers. Once you’ve created the ads or referred someone, you’ll have a little bit of maintenance. Then sit back, wait for a sale and collect your $100 referral fee for a full-size 12ft shuffleboard table and a $10 referral fee for a tabletop game. Yes, you read that correctly – a $100 or a $10 referral fee for each item sold!


If at any time you have any questions about responsibilities or expectations, please send an email to (Subject line: Regional Referral Expert) and our staff will get you the answer you need.

Job Aides

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