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Shuffleboard Games Like You've Never Seen Before

"Interesting Idea, got my attention", Tim

So, you're a shuffleboard table player since way back when. You love the game and have played it at an establishment and/or in the comfort of your home. You might be a tournament player with serious skills or you just like to slide the pucks down the playing top with friends. But, you've been there, done that. You're now looking for a new challenge. Well, look no further, you've found us!

Our creative team has not only designed new "Target Shuffleboard" table games, we also make our own tables. Using professionally printed graphic decals, our playing tops are totally unique and enhance & enable how you play our games. In other words, new shuffleboard games need new playing guidelines to pull everything together.

Part of our unique spin on shuffleboard tables is our use of reclaimed bowling alley lanes for our playing tops. Since our start was making furniture out of reclaimed barn wood, re-using bowling lanes seemed like a slam dunk. To learn more, click here - what makes our playing tops unique.  

Hopefully, as you mouse-around our website and see our playing tops & how the games are played, you'll want to take the next step and find a table to play on. We'll try to keep our list of retail establishments (bars, restaurants, game centers, etc) up to date and you can find a place near you to get out and play our table games yourself!

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